Y&I Changing All The Time

by Yolande Brener and Danielle Imara

To break the monotony of working from home, Brener and Imara seek the perfect time to party online. They debate sunrise, sunset, choreography, and communication at a 3000 mile distance. Fairy lights, window dressings, and wooden floors feature as extras in this ode to an online celebration.

Y&I Changing All The Time (1min16)
Filmed via Zoom in London and New York August 2020.


With Brener based in New York and Imara in London, their first collaboration was in 2014 when they revised and self-published their memoirs: Imara’s CRACK, and Brener’s Holy Candy. In 2019, they co-created the short film Y&I, conceived from opposite sides of the Atlantic, and filmed in London.
Brener and Imara’s shared love of unconventional dance forms integrate live pedestrian movement with digital manipulations to create an evocative hybrid form. Together, Brener and Imara combine words, choreography, domestic landscapes, and sound to examine the patterns in their everyday routines, habits, and hopes.


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