Wet Paint

by Ida Hay

I am tapping into my hereditary witchcraft more and more everyday, and I am slowly but surely understanding the connection between the magick in my art and the creativity in my craft, and how blurred these lines actually are.

During a school project two years ago, I had the opportunity to finally dive into an idea that had possessed me for years. The result of this assignment was a book:  All the Colours of the Moon. It is an illustrated autobiography focusing on my eyes, vision and subjective reality. Featured from the chapter on synesthesia, these selected paintings are created on cold press paper with watercolour, gouache and ink.

For this ongoing project, I take consensual photos of my sexual partners candidly during our act together to try and express what I see and feel. Together with the colour palettes produced by my synesthesia during the intimate moment, these photos are essential as references for my painted portraits.


Ida Hay, Norwegian by blood, born and raised in Sweden, is a newly graduated illustrator, visual artist and designer with a BD in Graphic Design. Ida — now three years a resident on the west coast of Canada — is living on acreage with her fiancé, their dog, chickens and whatever wild animal decides to pay a visit. https://www.idahay.com IG: @idahayart Pinterest: @idahayart