Volume 5

Spring/Summer 2022

Artwork by Jillian Li

Hello Beautiful People!

Volume five is here! And it’s maddening beauty.
We’ve got poetry, art, film, music, audio stories, fiction, a play (our first!), and a glorious amount of hybrid and experimental work. After a long but necessary break, it was a joy to review submissions again. Thank you to everyone who submitted!
In keeping our tradition alive, we’re having a party, y’all! Join us this Saturday, June 18th, at 1 PM (EST), for yet another celebration, honoring women, creativity, art, madness, and all things OyeDrum. We’ll have readings, artist talks, poetry and more.

Zoom link:

FB invite:

Our presenters:
Susan Justiniano (RescuePoetix)
Karla Linn Merrifield
Jessica Heron
Christian Rosso
Azıya Murat
Heather Barrett
Jillian Li
Liberty Styles
Shelby Pinkham
Nea Ringdahl
Karen George

Finally, don’t forget that OyeDrum is a volunteer-run passion project with a mission to nurture and promote unique voices and creative works produced by women for all audiences. We keep our submission fees free of cost, and a lot of love and work goes behind these volumes. If you love the latest issue, or you love us, show us your support if you have the means. We appreciate all contributions, regardless of the amount! Any donation will get your name permanently etched on our support page. You’ll be famous! But not famous enough to worry about the paparazzi.

See you there!

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