To Be Connected With You

by Ashley Pearson

To be connected by sticking your finger into my outlet

Cold, cream, plastic

And waiting for the electric shock, the pleasure, to shoot through your veins

To press a button on my backside and to wait for it to glow blue


Like the Bluetooth speaker

your aunt so lovingly brought for your birthday

To see the button flash


And to hear the connection sound

ding ding ding


Would you turn me on and

 be interconnected like a set of speakers

Connected to an old flat screen TV

Everything, everyone in sync

Hearing the same things

Seeing the same things

Muffled, but not blinded

And riding on the same electromagnetic waves

Cold and metallic


Oh, to be connected to you

At the back of the head

 Where Ghost wire will keep us together

Snug and tight and sparkless

Ashley Pearson is a sophomore majoring in Creative Writing and Biochemistry at Knox College. She is also following the Pre-Med route. She divides her time between Monmouth and Galesburg Illinois.
She can be found on Twitter @ashley___writes and on Instagram @ashleynicolewrites