Poem by Lorelei Bacht & Art by Molly Peters

the physics of reality

the blue tune of twilight, the white

of my dresses, layer upon layer

of petticoats, of tuberoses,

to cover the song of my heart –

he knows: the red of me,

which gives him an unfair

advantage. the blue tune of twi-

light, the faint changes perceived

or imagined in lamps: almost

unlit, not quite, opening to a shriek –

hall of mirrors, echoes in the attic:

every step the wing of a blackbird.

Lorelei Bacht (she/they) successfully escaped grey skies and red buses to live and write somewhere in the monsoon forest. Their recent writing has appeared and/or is forthcoming in SWWIM, So to Speak, Barrelhouse, The Riverbed Review, Sinking City, Door is a jar, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, and elsewhere. They are also on Instagram: @lorelei.bacht.writer and on Twitter @bachtlorelei

Molly Peters is a Brooklyn based printmaker. Molly completed a B.F.A. in printmaking from Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida in 2001. She moved to New York CIty to pursue her love of making art. After arriving in Brooklyn she ran a studio for 5 years. Her art has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in New York, Chicago, Tampa and San Diego. She has been featured in Down Magazine, Working Title magazine and Photography Forum magazine. She was also featured in the production of Winter Passing.
Her current work is a mixed media of block printing and water colors. Her most recent prints have been focused on color and layers. She maintains a presence with short videos of her process on social