Self Portrait of Woman

by Oleksandra Kolos

In this era of global changes within our social landscape, being alone has become a test. Our personal lives can no longer be hidden behind our social roles. A woman’s sensitivity has become her Achilles’ heel, but recognizing vulnerability is actually a strength.These days, painting has become a practice, and even, in a sense, a meditative activity. Through contact with figurative art, it is possible to feel the plasticity of the human personality and understand the deep and personal within a person. All works are made in oil on canvas

Don’t open your mouth

My spirit


self portrait

Anita Owsianna art


Oleksandra Kolos (b. 1999) is a Ukrainian artist who lives and works in Kiev. She studied visual arts at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture. Her working mediums are painting, video art, drawing, and graphics. Oleksandra Kolos develops projects related to new plasticity and sympathy. She also volunteers teaching art to low-income children.