by Paz Tornero

I have always been fascinated with listening to my environment. I am passionate about soundscapes, sound art and soundwalk practices. In the 21st Century, our natural soundscape is considerably thinned-out by building developments and artificial environments. During the global pandemic, for the first-time cities ceased their activity and we just had to “wait” in our homes, and this produced numerous changes not just in our sound environment, but also in our listening perception. The sound piece, “Post-Crisis” is composed of the sound recordings that residents of a neighborhood in Spain made with pans at 8:00 pm each night to support the country’s health professionals during the pandemic.


Paz Tornero is a Ph.D. in Art, Science and Technocreativity at Complutense University of Madrid. Her thesis The Technologies of Creativity: Connections between Art and Science in Contemporaneity, is about the relationship between art, science and creativity from 20th century to present and it explores new art forms that incorporate technological and scientific aspects. She has an MA in Fine Arts and Digital Arts from Pompeu Fabra University and a MA in Fine Arts from Polytechnic University of Valencia. She also studied at Carnegie Mellon University. Paz was a visiting fellow at Harvard University as well as MIT Media Lab. She is also very much interested in ecology and sustainability, connectivity and Intelligent Environments (IE), and biomarkers from an artistic perspective. She is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Granada, Spain.