OyeDrum’s 2021 Best of the Net Nominations!🎉

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Happy October! It’s our favorite month of the year, and we’re starting off with an exciting announcement. For the first time ever, OyeDrum is proud to present our Best of the Net nominations! Congratulations to everyone! It was tough making these decisions, since there were so many strong works to choose from. Thank you to all of our contributors! It was a pleasure looking back and re-experiencing your talents.

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Head Witch

OyeDrum’s 2021 Best of the Net Nominations:




Defect by Anita Owsianna

Concrete Jungle by Cecilia Martinez

Gatekeepers Series by Komikka Patton



equidistant by Yu Müller

Oxytocin by Carla Sameth

et tu by Liz Ramirez

hot house flower by jo reyes-boitel   (*second poem down)

July by Michele Mekel

Fruit Fly by Carolyn Adams



Uncle Skank by Monica Raymond

Fall Back by Laura Mahal


Creative NonFiction:

Later in Life Romance by Edith Cook