OyeDrum is an intersectional feminist community and publisher of creative, explorative, and hybrid work produced exclusively by women for all audiences. We feature creative writing, performance and visual art, and love publishing hybrid/experimental work. Our themed issues are broken into volumes, and our open-themed works are ongoing. We also feature interviews, reviews, and special segments.

Our mission is to nurture, develop and promote female talent, encourage the weird and experimental, and create a safe space for women to freely express themselves. 

Find your voice, and use it.

What is OyeDrum?


OyeDrum is a combination of the word Oye, which translates into “Listen Up,” and the word Drum, repurposed by black activist, feminist, performance artist, poet, and secular priestess, Jayne Cortez in response to Duke Ellington’s composition A Drum is a Woman. You can read "If the Drum is a Woman" by Jayne Cortez, click here. And to further understand our inspiration, click here.


OyeDrum was conceived from a total admiration for women as humans, artists, and intellectuals.


OyeDrum in the Media


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