Poem by Michele Rule & Art by Manuela Mordhorst


some mental state
no more feeling 
no more feelings
or escape
touch means little
thought flows meaningless
care flung to one side
hangs limp
like dirty laundry over the chair
unnoticed forever
waiting for numbness to break
for that golden hour until pain returns

Michele Rule is a poet living with a disability in Kelowna, BC. She uses words as a way to give a glimpse of her world to others. Outside of writing, Michele is a painter and a gardener. She lives with her partner, a dog and two cats.

Manuela Mordhorst is a German artist and photographer who lives and works in Handeloh. Her work has been exhibited throughout the wold, and she is represented by ARTvergnügen, Georgsmarienhütte | Saatchi Art, New York | Tricera, Tokyo | Singulart, Paris. She is also a member of the board of the art association Art Projekt, Bruchhausen-Vilsen

Wounded and torn was “created during my annual time out in southern Sweden, a country to which I feel a deep connection and whose nature always gives me new strength and inspiration.”