Notes From A Seminar On Women And Science

Poem by Carol Barrett

Art by Arizona Smith

We are redoing Genesis.

Who blew the air into the jelly fish?


Jesus is a feminist. You can’t find

fossil examples of coy, passive women.


Wyoming was electrified before New York City.

If the bacteria were growing, she was there.


There are more difficult questions

than how to make something go off one time.


I like to meet other people’s cats.

If it’s not a Buddhist idea it ought to be.


Where does all the water go at low tide?

You can’t be clean any more.


Killing frogs is international.

Chemistry set, Lesson 14: how to make


a disagreeable odor.

What if the earth were male?


I’m hoping for twins in February.

Robots can be children.


There are women weaponeers.

Were Adam and Eve cave dwellers?


You can spend $2000 and get a star named after you.

The thing envied is not wished well.


You have to be dead to be immortal.

Is there a way to cross over which is worth the trip?