Muñeca de Agujero

by IAM

Muñeca de Agujero is an autobiographical piece about the trauma of childhood sexual abuse I experienced. The shattered dolls and dismembered limbs are symbolic of the dissociation as a consequence of trauma, with the limbs cut off representing the dissection the body experienced. Words are scattered, which is how I processed my feelings and thoughts about the experience, but healing and forgiveness were found through my art. Art is life. Art is Magick. Art is my ritual.

Iris Agustina Morales aka IAM is a Boricua Visual Artist, poet and witch born and raised in the Bronx. She’s currently residing in the lower West Side, Manhattan. She’s been previously published in the 2020 SIZL (Staten Island Zine League). IG: @iam_artista_  FB: @irisa.morales.79