Microcosm Compositions

by Jenn Fletcher

By bringing components from creatures that are no longer living into a studio setting, I am able to look past the obvious, observe it in detail, and even find little surprises and treasures in the process. Through lighting, pairing, and composition, I hope to breathe some life back into them and to inspire others to pause and more carefully inspect our natural world and be awed by its complexity and beauty. All specimens are ethically sourced.

This specific selection from the series gives a nod to breaking down archetypal gender roles, and pairs items like skulls and bones we tend to think of as masculine, with other natural items, colors, and materials we tend to think of as feminine. 


Images include a wild boar skull (on pink), whitetail deer antlers, a rodent pelvis with iris, an American alligator skull with an eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly, a pink orchid flower with small rodent bones, and white orchid flower with two rodent skulls. 


Jenn Fletcher knew she wanted to be an artist by the first grade, and fell in love with photography as an angsty adolescent in North Carolina. While portrait photography in various forms was her main focus for most of her career, she completely flipped her focus in the teenage years of the 2000s, and now packs a punch in Georgia with imagery of animal skulls and bones, with hidden messages of environmental awareness and conservation. Her site for more.