lucid dream (3) – himmelswiese

by Beate Gördes

A dream within a dream. Spaceless, timeless. Two figures, only silhouettes, walk across an unreal place. An off-screen voice speaks fragments from the subconscious. Longing feelings are awakened and remind of an innate longing for the unknown, the unfathomable… the mysterious.

“lucid dream (3)  – himmelswiese”

once upon a time

(and no one has ever been there)

– memories –

heaven’s meadow

– memories –

go ahead!

where, when?

here, now!

– memories –

heaven’s meadows

– memories –

fly, fly away!


Beate Gördes was born in Germany, where she studied art/ painting at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences. Born 1961 in Herten (NRW), Germany. Lives and works in Cologne. Since 1985 she has had regular exhibitions in Germany and abroad. Recently, her work has focused on video compositions in combination with electro-acoustic sounds. She is the founder and curator of the event series BLAUE STUNDE.