A Collaboration led by Emily Twines

An Immersive Art Exhibition
Experienced through the Narrative Lens of a 3D Video Game

Below livestream of lookingGlass game.

To play game you must be on either Chrome or Firefox
Click here to play live Wednesday July 15 at 6pm!

This Wednesday July 15th @ 6 pm (Eastern Time) we will host Emily Twine’s lookingGlass: An Immersive Art Exhibition Experienced through the Narrative Lens of a 3D Video Game. Audiences will have the choice to participate or watch on Emily’s youtube stream. If anyone has questions along the way about the game, they can ask on the Youtube forum, where Emily will be answering in real time. At the end of the session, all the players and spectators will join each other on a secret Zoom meeting! That is the outcome. And you’ll have The Police’s 1983 summer hit “Every Breath You Take” stuck in your head for a long time. This is not a video game with challenges and opponents. It’s your journey.

Join players across the world, live, as you work your way through this online WebGL video game on your own, or pull up the YouTube (Twitch-style) live-stream of the creator’s playthrough demonstration, and experience what it could mean, in the words of Murray Bookchin, to “Demand the Impossible.”

lookingGlass, an immersive museum experience seen through the context of a storied video
game, developed from a question NYC theatre company Mangeront asked itself late last
September: Can we, given today’s social, political, economic, and ecological realities, responsibly maintain hope?

Reading this back today, it strikes with different, but not dampened, significance.

A video game that starts with a short, dreamy video prologue, lookingGlass then drops the player into a grimy, stale, dimly-lit office. The player has to discover how to feed their rapidly falling health meter while also figuring the way out.

The next scene, in contrast, is one of light. A series of “doors to nowhere” actually serve as portals, transporting the player into worlds of beautiful and moving art pieces, created by a group of diverse artists working across many different media. As the player progresses, they encounter the same questions as did the artists: What is today’s date? What about your life as of this specific day brings you joy or contentment? What does your life today lack… After watching each art piece, the player collects a key fragment, which, all collected, combine to form a key to the final door.

The interviews that are at the core of the process, held over the course of March and April, and the responses that have since been created from these conversations, bear witness to the reality each day has brought with it since the onset of the global pandemic. They mark out space for pain, but also for joy, for longing, and–


For hope as well.


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Original Game and Interviews by Emily Twines

Theatrical Concept by Mangeront (Janine Renee Cunningham, Jon DeGaetano, Emily Twines)

New Game Development since May by Adrian Cameron, and Michael Redman, Emily Twines

Interviews and Contributions from : Jane Ashe, Inkyoung Bae, Kai Custodio, Julia Frey, Ben Gorodetsky & Gus Farodetsky, Erica Kermani,
Deborah Latz, and Su Wang.


IG: playlookingGlass