Painting for the Wind by Yoko Ono, 1961

Happy International Women’s Day!

Here’s our beloved banner by Arizona Smith – which, believe it or not, has been censored on FB and on Instagram for “nudity” and exposed nipples. Don’t worry! We already put a hex on the censors. But in all seriousness! What is this day all about? And what do we mean when we say that we’re intersectional feminists? Well, we still live in a world where female genital mutilation is practiced in many parts of the world. We still have women and girls fighting to be allowed to have an education. We still live in a world where we women do not have control over our anatomy. And it’s just fucking hard to be a woman and even harder to be a woman of color. But we also live in a world full of brilliant, intelligent, powerful women disrupting and making waves. And we are stronger united than divided. Stay strong, fellow women and women supporters! Keep shining! And fuck the haters.