Two Poems by Pietra Dunmore & Art by Lauren A Bleiwas

Fuck in (Parenthesis)

phone contact name
in parenthesis

imaginings in the dark
triangle of fuzz
fingertip to pleasure points
thick nub of flesh
out of boxer shorts

a collection of sensory details
late-night vibration
Sex without sex.
In parenthesis

Cause last night

flipped over
body folded
moisture between thighs
ankles against neck
rhythm beat for beat

I just ruined our friendship

Pietra Dunmore writes poetry, short stories, and creative non-fiction. Her writing has appeared in Causeway Lit, Pine Hills Review, The Intersection, Macro Magazine, Hippocampus Magazine, The Journal of New Jersey Poets, and Rigorous. Twitter:@PietraDunmore IG:@pietradunmore


Lauren A. Bleiwas (They/Them) is a printmaking artist. Artist statement on their smoking series: Feeling euphoria has many different meanings. It can be as simple as flicking a lighter to smoke a cigarette, or as complex as playing petty, aggressive strip poker. It could also be a way to access one’s spirituality, through exposing your sense of self to your identity. “After That, I Need A Cigarette”, Lithography (10¼”x 11½”, 2019), “Smoking Helps Me Breath”, (Intaglio 7½”x5½”, 2018), “Euphoric You”, (Screen Print on Acetate on top of an Oil Pastel Drawing, 80”x50”, 2018)