Friday I’m in Love: November Newsletter!

The Curse of 2020….

Hey witches! 

Unfortunately, due to some personal challenges our staff is facing, we aren’t going to be able to get Volume 3 out to you when we expected. We promise that it’s coming as soon as possible (sometime in December). Damn you, 2020! We’ll notify everyone when it’s ready.

While you wait for Volume 3, our weekly section will get you in the mood. Recently, we’ve featured False Narrative: Hymen by Chelsea Fanning, which explores the societal pressures of virginity and its effect on women, Heat Exchange and Litter by  Isibeal Owens, two poems with different subject matters connected by the shared feminine experience of both, presented through a lens of sardonic humor mixed with sadness, and a creative nonfiction piece, Later-in-Life Romance by Edith Cook, a look into how complicated relationships can be as we grow older, little deaths, wisdom, and personal evolution, all while teaching us about hemp legislations, alcoholism, and the complexity of parent-child relationships. And don’t forget to light some candles, draw a bath, and explore the gentle rhythm of Katharyn Machan’s Scrotum.  

Episode 2 of our podcast, In Conversation, is up! Hosted by our contributing poetry editor Hilary Davies, Episode 2 features Rachel Weitzel and Cindy Stockton Moore, two amazing collaborators that share a superhero origin story. Come listen as they talk about their collaborative process (and how they’ve adjusted due to Covid restrictions), their individual artistic histories, and how their womanhood influences both their solo and collaborative work.  Their video, Incantation 1, was featured in Volume 2 (you can watch it here). 

Slip into something a little more comfortable, keep celebrating our next president, and even more, our first FEMALE VICE PRESIDENT! We’ll keep working on Volume 3. It should be on your screens by the beginning of December.

And don’t forget that we are ALWAYS accepting submissions for our weekly page! Submit your art, music, writing and more.

Atwork by our sister-witch Arizona Smith, who is now creating commissioned face portraits drawn from photos – DM her on Instagram for pricing and all info @arizonathecat

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