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Painting for the Wind by Yoko Ono, 1961

February News

Happy Valentine’s Night! It might be winter, but things are caliente here at OyeDrum. We’ve got a hot new book review, fresh poetry, new Patreon offerings, and new monthly newsletter writing prompts.

Throwback with Erika Lust


Throwback to our interview with porn film director and feminist Erika Lust, who can now be seen in the new Hulu documentary, “Planet Sex With Cara Delevingne,” premiering tonight.

READ “Ethical Adult Cinema: An Interview with Trailblazing Porn Director Erika Lust” HERE!

Read our latest book review!


Corinne Shearer gives a praise worthy review of Maya Marshall’s beautiful debut book out now with Haymarket Books.

READ “All the Blood Involved in Love: A Review of Maya Marshall’s Poetry Collection” HERE

All the Blood Involved in Love by Maya Marshall (Haymarket Books, 2022)

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Writing Prompts!


OyeDrum now offers writing prompts supporters for newsletter readers like you. Each month, we’ll offer 3 to 5 prompts that lean into what is relevant astrologically, ceremonially, or meditatively. Some prompts will link with the moon’s phases, some with major holidays or seasons. Many of the prompts are multilayered so that the resultant piece you write could reflect those layers. Or, you can keep it simple and take just portions of the prompt. Above all, these are meant to get you to write. Come through!

1. While no one refutes what the color red looks like, scientists have discovered that our individual eyes see red (and other colors) in a way unique to just us. One person may see it brighter, another its undertones better, children notice it faster, while adults slowly lose that immediacy of color sensitivity. What have you seen that you couldn’t have seen at another point in your life? What have you seen that no one else could?

2. Most of us, unfortunately, learn from our own mistakes but what if we could really learn from others’ mistakes? What lessons could you have have learned and what pain might you have averted? Or, What lesson could your life teach people to maneuver past? Who are you hoping hears your lesson?

3. “Here are the ways to win my heart.” Start with practical, whimsical, truthful, and then grow increasingly more strange, fantastic, and devastatingly beautiful.

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