by Yan Jin

Eatable is a tongue in cheek short video which pays homage to Bruce Nauman’s photograph, Eating My Words (1966-67). In the Photograph, the word “words” was literally shaped out of bread and was being eaten by Bruce Nauman. The video is meanwhile a literal representation of “eating the eatable parts of words”. Performed by the artist’s friend Weihan Zhang, shot and edited by artist

Yan Jin is an artist born in Shanghai, China. She is currently based in New York where she obtained her Master of Fine Art from the School of Visual Arts at the Photography, Video and Related Media Department. Her works include photography, video, sculpture and multi-media installations. In her work she redefines the found photo and found objects by various procedures including scanning, retouching, erasing and other techniques, blurring the gaps between fact and fiction, presence and absence, placing disparate binaries in dialogue with one another. She received the Paula Rhodes Memorial Award for exceptional achievement in 2021. Exhibitions and screenings of her work have been held in The United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Serbia, Greece, South Korea and Thailand.