Devon’s Diary: The True Account of a Fictional Life

by punkmouse

A 6-part gritty, erotic tone poem taking place in the 1990’s NYC queer scene (and inspired by true events), “Devon’s Diary” follows a young artist’s darkly-comedic downward spiral initiated by her mother’s death — and the subsequent request by her girlfriend to open their previously monogamous relationship. Incapable of coping with her pain, Devon’s only method of dealing with it is by self-medicating — and her only way of trying to make sense of it is by turning it into “art.”

**EXPLICIT CONTENT AND TRIGGER WARNING: Drug use, Strong sexual content, Implied sexual abuse, Self harm**

(Suggested listening = with headphones)

Written, Produced, Performed, Sound Design, Edit, & Music by: punkmouse

Special recorded appearance by DAD.

Devon’s Diary uses the following sounds from under the Creative Commons Attribution License:

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Knocking on metal door by dauser —
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peugot 206 car interior open window accelerating aggressively and driving hastefully by jorickhoofd —
Driving inside Car Ambient by laurenmartin236 —
Car – Start and Revving by manychefsbroth —
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eating popcorn.flac by kwahmah_02 —
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Toilet Flush by LanDub —
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Rio55 Grrl Rockband, Mexico City by taurindb —
Downtown traffic and crowd noises by Niedec —
01466 traffic 15.wav by Robinhood76 —

punkmouse is the alter ego of Jenn Howd, a queer, non-binary multi-disciplinary artist and avid meditator. Their campy, sex-positive comedy musical, “Texas Annie: The Legend of the Moan Ranger,” will be debuting at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival in June 2022. For more information, visit: and