by Anita Owsianna

The DEFECT series is a response to the disability of the body. Femininity is identified with delicacy, beauty, tenderness and pinkness. In reality, it’s strong. Flaws are the definition of femininity and the dilemmas associated with it. It is uncertainty and powerlessness expressed through decisive action. There is power in delicacy. This series is very personal. It is externalized and depicts the real story of the artist.

XY (side X)

Flaw II

XY (side Y)

Flaw IV

Anita Owsianna art

Flaw V

Anita Owsianna is a graduate of the University of Arts in Poznan, where her Masters thesis was titled “The Artist’s Identity”. Her paintings are reflections of what is / was the condition of the artist and its relationship with creativity. She currently lives and works in Warsaw. Her works are in private collections in Europe and the United States.