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OyeDrum Magazine is a woman-owned intersectional feminist coven and volunteer-run independent publisher of creative, experimental, and explorative work produced by women for all audiences.

We remain committed to keeping our submissions free of charge and providing a high-quality online home for valuable creative work, so we need your support. We appreciate you valuing our hard work by giving us a one-time contribution or joining our Patreon. Our goal is to keep OyeDrum open and thriving.
Thank you to everyone who submitted to our volume six! Due to our high volume of submissions and small team, we ask that you be patient about hearing back from us. Everyone who has submitted will receive a response, regardless of the outcome. We wish y’all the best of luck and thank you for trusting us with your work.
We are not accepting submissions at the moment.

1. If you are accepted, we have the right to publish your work and promote it on our social media. You, the creator of the work, will remain the one and only owner of your intellectual property with full rights.

2. We try to respond to submissions within a reasonable time but due to the high volume of submissions and small team, we ask for your patience.

3. Please let us know if you are sending us a simultaneous submission, and let us know if your piece has been accepted elsewhere.

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