collage ditty 2

by Mia Martelli

This collage references how 1950s science fiction imagery made a resurgence in the 1990s.

I began this collage with paper and other physical materials. Using the Green Screen capabilities of my phone, I layered clothing prints underneath so the image moves.

I am a dancer, and I use collaging in my choreographic process because it is an embodied practice: you can see the rips, cuts, and glue marks. It has a sense of time and physicality. In all of my work, I collect ephemera and piece it together. Collaging is the most distilled way of practicing this.


Mia Martelli is a Brooklyn-based dancer. She is grounded by DIY ethics and describes her work as unpolished, but cared for. Her video work has been presented online by Queerly Contemporary Festival and Groundswell Series. She’s had visual art published by Anti-Heroin Chic and Talon Review. IG: @mia.martelli