Catching Up

Hello Witches!


It’s been a minute, and that minute feels like centuries (a vampire witch would know) with everything happening.


I just hope you are all doing okay. And if you are not okay, well, that’s okay too.


In the last few weeks, the state of affairs on all fronts has been causing me to struggle emotionally, with highs and lows, and everything in between. I wanted to say something about Black Lives Matter,  and about what this country (and the world) is, was, could be, and should be. Instead of speaking about it all personally, I asked our contributing editor/writer Shamecca Harris to help OyeDrum express the inner voice and turmoil we are experiencing collectively and individually in the wake of George Flloyd’s death. Shamecca is a radical black female artist whose work centers around the experience of being black in America. Of course, her piece Notes on George Floyd surpassed my expectations and imagination. If you haven’t seen it yet, go check it out now. 


On another subject, it’s Pride month! And this queer witch would like to celebrate the occasion with our recently published short story Over the Rainbow. Laura Mahal writes about the reality of transgender lives in America using humor and tragedy in this poignant, and timely tale.


I honestly couldn’t tell you which piece over the last few weeks has been my favorite. I feel very grateful for every submission and honored that I get first dibs on pieces that I’m beyond proud of, including our latest hypnotic multimedia piece about the relationship between the Dominican Republic and Haiti, a really fucking weird story about a third boob, and so much phenomenal poetry. The diversity of voices in what we’ve been publishing is also something to be noted. Its been wonderful to receive submissions from the very young, the more mature, trans, queer, Black, White, Asian, Latino, and the list goes on. It’s a motherfuckin’ Utopia. So, thank you.


And speaking of Utopia…. Are you ready for our next issue? Because it’s coming! We’re putting the final touches on our Volume 2 sci-fi/fantasy themed issue, and it’s going to be dope!



Founder/Head Witch