somewhere elsewhere

by Anjana Kothamachu

The term ‘somewhere, elsewhere’ generally implies being in a different place, position or situation from where one is. I have used this term to describe the state one is likely to be in when one fantasizes. This show is built around the notion that the state of fantasising often involves a divide in the physical and mental states of the fantasizer. I interpret fantasy as the screen on which our desires get projected. A private fantasy is perhaps the most common way to engage with a desire. However, it is unclear if it is desire that triggers a fantasy or if it is fantasising that brings about desire. But within the limited framework of fantasy we can play out imagined scenarios representing the realization of our desires.

However a fantasy remains a fantasy, nothing more, if not realized. A fantasy is a construction enabling us to seek, but simultaneously keeps us at a distance from attaining the desired. The desire remains unfulfilled leaving us wanting. Fantasising toes the line between the tangible and intangible. I have attempted to express this ambiguity. The work unfolds as a narrative that is deeply personal, but at the same time invented.

Anjana Kothamachu is a visual artist based in Bangalore and Mumbai. She graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts and Crafts, Rachana Sansad, India with a major in sculpture. She studied animation, participated in several residency programmes including The Last Ship, Mumbai; Stiftung Futur Foundation, Switzerland; Sandarbh International Artists Association’s Residency; Khoj, and received the Inlaks Fine Art Award (2013). In 2014, she installed a large-scale outdoor sculpture at the India Art Fair. She has been part of the Creative India Public Art Intensive; the Changwon Sculpture Biennale, Korea; ISCP New York; and Prohelvetia Switzerland. Her work has been part of national and international exhibitions. Her work manifests itself as objects, installation, audio, moving image and drawing.