Two Stories by Jenny Dunbar & Art by Katelynn Tracy


butterfly in a frame
stopped  at random whilst at play
the flatterer’s tongue who tore her wings
crushed a many splendoured thing

The Gypsy Boy

boy on the August road, in a fey, first light,
fickle and smiling with knowing eyes of blue,
pools of liquid cobalt streaming the legends of the years into my lap,
he stops in automatic gesture and sits with me.
We recollect the passing of the hours, the random meeting of strangers along the way.
His hands are strong, fine boned
caramel smoke whispers on the morning air,
a brief ode to the pretty women he has encountered and bedded.
The words in our eyes sing to each other and our undoing is laid willingly beside us,
neither bush nor briar betraying the act, breathing with us as the dream reels out.
He brings it to me slowly,
the salt scent of my lover as we plough and sow the furrows of forever.
I open my eyes and he has gone, no trace of this visitor between my sides,
yet a changeling planted, as the song goes, and blood weeping on the thorn.

Jenny Dunbar is a writer, singer, potter, and graduate of The Royal Central School in London, and has moved in many worlds, always inspired by the juxtapositions in life. She is a published writer of poetry and fiction. Her debut novel, Sweet Earth, was published in 2014, followed by her own anthology, Thoughts of Time, in 2016. Jenny’s work has been included in anthologies and journals over recent years. 
Katelynn Tracy is a painter who lives and works in Des Moines, IA. Her work has been shown in physical and digital galleries and zines across the United States. Both images are sexually charged with ties to homoerotic relationships.  “In your face” imagery, and suspicious titles help tell the narrative. “I Love Taking You With Me” (2020, Oil on Canvas, 11”x14”) “On Your Knees” (2019 Acrylic and Graphite on Paper, 8”x10”)