Poem by Susan Justiniano & Art by Sunny Moxin Chen

3 (not so) simple questions

What are you doing here?

I fill this space in anticipation of who or what will
reach me
change me
make me better

so that I, in turn,
can share that universal wisdom
with another

create a chain of existence from
body to body
mind to mind
spirit to spirit

Who do you think you are?

A constant evolution to the next
I bring the light of those who seek
to voice their own stories
Her stories
Our stories – one and all
The roars of Queens

quiet within infinite flow
chaos in undulating silence
breath from lungs starved by quietude
in service to the universe
when she needs me to be

Queen among Queens
Goddess connected with Goddesses

Where are you going?

With goals set far, beyond my vision
the path before me seems at times clear
well defined under the blown dust of lives past
away from lessons uninvited

In step with the ancestors

And yet…

the finite confines of mortality,
littered by obstacles along the path of self,
delay entry into another life
the life that I am meant for

At the mouth I dare to look back
breadcrumbs scattered on a path I no longer travel

maybe I like that

I don’t know how true that is

I accept that I cut
the desire
the need
the fear
to return to the devil I know

Susan Justiniano, as first-generation Puerto Rican New Jersey native, found her performance voice in Jersey City NJ. She was introduced and fell in love with Jersey City’s underground Arts diversity and, in 2006, RescuePoetix™ emerged as an artist entrepreneur and arts business entity.

Sunny Moxin Chen (she/they) is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Boston & Beijing. Chen holds a BFA in Painting & Studio for Interrelated Media at Massachusetts College of Art and Design and is a MFA Painting candidate from Boston University ’22. Her work was recently exhibited at the Boston University Commonwealth Gallery, Musa Collective, Piano Craft Gallery (Boston), the Hive Art Community (Brooklyn), and All She Makes (online).