2021 Grammy’s Award Show

by Debora Martinez

Hello and welcome everybody to the Jimmy Wildin Show. I am your host Jimmy Wildin! *crowd cheers* As you know, Debora Martinez will be on the show today. Debora Martinez is an Afro-latina artist born and raised in Peekskill, New York who currently resides in Yonkers, New York. Her work uses video, live and Zoom performance art to explore and critique the oppression of the Black, Indigenous and Latinx communities. In her exploration Debora creates characters to represent oppressive beings and systems through the lens of comedy. Each character examines different forms of oppression within the subjects of race, gender and class. So without further ado Debora Martinez everyone! *crowd applauds as Debora Martinez enters the stage*

I believe this piece depicts madness because of how ridiculous yet very common it is for Black people to consistently uplift and carry the music industry but are rarely given any reward for it. It is absolute madness for People of Color to consistently have to announce awards and be on the nomination list but rarely win. This is absolute madness.

Debora Martinez is an Afro-Latina artist who focuses on Video and Performance Art. Her work uses comedy and characters to talk about many of her personal experiences being Black and others within the BIPOC community.