Tabasco Ladies

by Tali Rose Krupkin

I use collage to reactivate found materials – giving them new life in an introspection on women reclaiming their voices to oppose forced societal pressures. The medium, much like my subject-matter, is often accessible and ready for consumption. However, women are taking back our power in the narrative. Although my subjects may indeed be viewed as consumable images, they deflect these expectations by highlighting their strengths as society’s condiments; a necessity for flavor and enjoyment, with a kick of excitement. I often play with the borders and frames in my art works, stretching selected images beyond a standard shape; engaging the viewer once more, and sending the message that they cannot be contained.
Tali Rose Krupkin is an Israeli-American artist based in Jersey City, NJ. Tali received her BFA from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University in 2014.